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The best names in petroleum testing equipment...
PAC is an international manufacturing and service organization, with a diverse catalog of over 250 petroleum, petrochemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical analysis solutions.

The company provides advanced testing equipment for a wide variety of applications, including:
 Total nitrogen and sulfur
 Speciated nitrogen and sulfur
 Chromatographic Detectors for LC and GC Applications
 Water content
 Volatility and Cold Flow Properties such as Cloud/Pour Point and Freeze Point and Distillation.
The company is totally dedicated and committed to your petroleum physical testing needs.  Moreover it is backing this commitment with the people and financial resources needed to provide you with ever-improving products, service and support. Its direct sales and service organizations in the United States, France, Germany, work closely with a network of Authorised Representatives in other areas of the world, providing local support in over 100 countries.
So if you are looking for quality innovation and value in petroleum testing, you need look no further than PAC - your single most responsive source for the world’s leading brands of physical testing instrumentation for laboratory and process applications.
Lab Division