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World leader in the measurement of density, concentration and CO2 and in the field of rheometry...

Anton Paar GmbH was established in 1922 when a young machinist, Mr. Anton Paar, started a one-man machine repair shop. He specialized in repairing machines for butchers and bakeries and soon earned a reputation for excellent work which led to contacts with universities and various research institutes.

measuring instrumentsAnton Paar produces high quality laboratory instruments for analysis, synthesis and sample preparation, alongside  process instrumentation. The company's products are known for having the highest precision and being extremely robust. They are successfully used worldwide in industry and research.  The main products include:
Analytical and Laboratory Instruments
Alcohol Meter Polarimeter
Beverage Analysis Refractometer
CO2 Meter Rheometer
Density Meter SAXS
DMTA  Sugar Analyzer
High-Precision Thermometer        Surface Analysis
High-Pressure Digestion Tribology
Microwave Digestion Turbidity Meter
Microwave Synthesis Viscometer
Oxygen Meter XRD
Process Instrumentation  
CO2 Sensor Inline Beverage Analyser
Density and Sound Velocity Sensor  Inline Polarimeter 
Density Sensor Inline Viscometer
Evaluation Units and Analysis Software Sound Velocity Sensors


Today, Anton Paar's strong sales network in more than 80 countries guarantees customers' rapid support and answers to their application and service queries.

Lab Division